Jeanette, a self-taught enamel artist, has a rich background in working with glass through various techniques like fusing, etching, and creating leaded and stained glass pieces. Enamelling became her preferred medium, allowing her to merge her passion for glass with her artistic prowess.

Jeanette's enamelling process involves dry sifting glass powder onto cleaned copper to craft intricate designs. The pieces are then fired in a kiln at around 800°C, allowing for vibrant and lustrous colours to emerge. Despite using stencils for consistency, each artwork remains unique, reflecting Jeanette's commitment to creating one-of-a-kind pieces. 

 Inspired by her surroundings in areas such as North Devon and the Forest of Dean, Jeanette hand-cuts stencils from local scenes, trees, and foliage. She finds inspiration in the changing landscapes, from the windswept trees along the Cornish coast to the seasonal shifts in colours witnessed in the Forest of Dean.

Drawing from her love for photography, Jeanette has spent the past three years producing decals from her own photographs. These decals, often featuring trees, either stand alone or form captivating silhouettes against the sky, enhancing stencil-cut landscapes or serving as the focal point in her artwork.


Jeanette's enamels often feature trees, influenced by the natural shapes and silhouettes observed during winter days and walks through the Forest of Dean. Additionally, she finds inspiration in animals like hares and birds, as well as in landscapes and seascapes, especially those found along the rugged North Devon coastline.

Through her art, Jeanette captures the beauty and symbolism found in nature, creating enamel pieces that reflect her deep connection to the world around her.